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Terms & Conditions

for our agreement to work together to achieve your BIG THING

This document is intended to make clear the agreement between Your Lamplighter and xxxxxx

This Agreement lasts for five months commencing the (date, month, year).

Following the last week of the Agreement we will decide if we want to continue to work together for a further month or months, which will be charged separately at the time.

My responsibilities to you, the client

To provide you with access to three hours personal Coaching over five months and to supply you with all the promised materials, audio and video recordings, pre- and post- coaching reports and to hold the planned virtual phone meetings with the group on a fortnightly basis throughout the five months.

To produce all information and materials on time and to be ready for our coaching sessions on time. If due to something unplanned I am unable to keep an appointment with you I will do my utmost to contact you prior to the appointment to reschedule it in a timely manner.

To be truthful with you, using compassion, understanding and without judgement.

To guide you in the best way I know using all the techniques, knowledge, wisdom and experience at my disposal

To inform you if I reach the limits of my resources in any particular area or question and to point you in the right direction for additional assistance and answers as needed

To work together closely and amicably in a non-blaming way so that we stay on good terms with each other

I am not a therapist. If issues arise for you which are not within my capabilities to help you resolve, I will encourage you to seek professional help without being judgmental.

I agree not to change set schedules or structures without giving you at least 30 days’ notice so that you can decide whether the changes are acceptable and have the time to negotiate them with me.

Your responsibilities

as my client at Your Lamplighter, working with Sue Hanson

To be on time and present for our 1-1 coaching calls and to complete and return the pre- and post-coaching reports

To respond to my emails and phone calls to you wherever possible within a 24-hour period

To reschedule our 1-1 coaching call (if necessary) at least 24 hours in advance or forfeit the call.

To make the initial advance payment and remaining Direct Debit payments through GoCardless on the agreed date, or to make a payment covering the total amount in advance of the work together.

To listen to and accept Sue’s guidance and advice, knowing that it is natural to experience resistance to changing patterns and learning new ways. However, being forewarned, I will anticipate this. When I receive guidance or advice with which I may have difficulty, I will ask for an explanation instead of pushing it away. I understand I am always free to reject Sue’s guidance and advice. However, I agree to tell Sue when I am doing so, so that we can together find other ways to meet the same goals or clear up the misunderstanding on the guidance.

I understand that in working together, emotional places within myself may be touched upon. If I am angry or otherwise upset with Sue I commit to having an honest and open conversation with the intention of clearing the upset in a non-blaming way.

Payment terms

I agree to pay my Direct Debit on time (xxx/month) on the first day of each month in advance of the sessions.

By completing payment through one of the two payment options below, I am signing my name in agreement with this Working Document to participate in a comprehensive five-month programme to achieve my BIG THING.

Payment Option 1: payment made in full in advance – £985 (discounted to £650 for first three places on the February 2017 programme)

Payment Option 2: Advance Direct Debit payments 1st day of each month/5 months – £208 (£130 where the above promotion applies)


read more about the programme and register here

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