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starting your journey

First off, I’ll ask you to complete a clear picture of your BIG THING by answering ten vital qustions – we use this as the basis for your first one-hour coaching meeting via Skype or phone, and decide how to use the timings for the other Coaching Calls.

You have access to four hours personal Coaching by phone or Skype. If you want more   personal coaching time, no worries, we can arrange that with individual add-on payments.

In the initial coaching call I want to get to know about your goal, how best to support you and where you think the difficulties are going to come from so we can forestall them. We’ll agree your overall monthly goals and your first four week’s tasks. Everyone’s BIG THING is different, so your programme is personally tailored to take account of what you need most to support you.

You are invited to join the Private Facebook Group for Your Lamplighter (I’ll send instructions on that). If you don’t do Facebook, don’t worry – this is a private group so only we in the group can see each other’s’ posts.


the steps towards success

We use the balance of your Coaching Calls to help you take the steps towards your BIG THING.

For every 1-1 coaching call, Pre- and Post-Coaching Reports are sent to you for completion and required back within 24 hours, so as to keep up the momentum of your journey and keep you on track (that’s what I’m here for, so no complaining!)

I also lead Group Coaching Calls for all BIG THING Friends from Month 1 on Wednesday evenings GMT – you are always invited and I will explain to you how to join in once you sign up.

You can email me at any time and I will respond to you within 24 hours or less;

I’ll  send a catch-up email to you at the end of each week anyway with any information/videos/advice that I feel will be supportive and useful for you.

You will have access to Your Lamplighter audio and written pieces on a Relaxation exercise, Visualisation, Dealing with Gremlins, Busting through the Fear Barrier, Overcoming Social Anxiety, the Impostor Syndrome and much more.


programme details explained

I’ve arranged the programme over five months to give you plenty of time to do the tasks you’ve set for yourself, learn what you need to learn and make the personal changes you need to make. We will take baby steps and I will nudge you forward in a positive way.  I am here to help you keep on track with your goal, whilst you carry on with your everyday life and commitments. If you miss a week because of holidays, working away or sickness, it won’t be difficult to catch up.

The most important thing to flag up to me is if you feel you are at an impasse, or suffering the indecision paralysis that strikes us all from time to time. Or feeling afraid. Or any of the things that have so far put you off from achieving your BIG THING. Then we need to talk.


are you ready to embark on an exciting journey with me?

I’m only taking 12 people on their BIG THING journey from mid-January 2017, to ensure they get the best possible time and attention – and the list is filling up.

If you don’t manage to get into my February 2017 Group I will keep in touch with supportive blogs and emails to you until we start again in May 2017.

For the February start programme, I’m offering the first three places at a special rate of £650, (normal price £985) with the option to pay monthly in advance. Sign up below and I will be in touch with further details about availability and payment terms.

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what people are saying about their BIG THING experience

An exciting programme where Sue’s coaching enabled me to manage my self-limiting beliefs to achieve an amazing end result. The range of techniques we used  form tools for life.


Running a marathon

Your supportive coaching programme has broken the mould I was set in and redefined the way I manage personal issues – it’s been amazingly productive for me.


Rebuilding a damaged relationship

It’s been a life-changing experience understanding how to approach what I needed to do in a measured, balanced way to achieve my big goal. I’m doing things differently now and getting there faster.


Developing a new online business

You instilled self-belief in me. I’m relieved to have the task “chunked down” into little steps – it’s not like a mountain anymore and I’m feeling more positive and excited about it. The relaxation exercise and Morning Pages worked to soothe my mind and helped me to think more creatively.


Writing a book

I feel happy, enlightened and not ‘so on my own’.  The support and encouragement from you on my journey is so rewarding – thank you so much.


Changing her career to make more money

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