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Welcome to my website!

I help people who want to accomplish a BIG THING in their life or business but haven’t been able to get started and might secretly feel afraid to fail.

You know how you’ve got this THING at the back of your mind that you’ve wanted to do for a while?

Or it might be looming up on you, who knows? –  but you don’t know where to start.

So you just keep putting it off because you’re not a child any more and nobody’s forcing you to do it.

And perhaps you get a kick of fear or lack of self-belief that you could actually do it?

But you know if you were to do it, you would amaze yourself.

It would give you a sense of profound achievement, an inner smile and make you think about who you are in a much more positive way.

In fact, nothing would really be the same again because you’ve found the secret to how BIG THINGS get done.

I can see you’re wondering what I’m talking about

What’s a BIG THING anyway?

Here are some of the BIG THINGS people are talking to me about: –

  • Learning the secrets of networking to overcome social anxiety and create enjoyment in meeting new people
  • Rebuilding damaged relationships with someone important to them
  • Starting their own business and making it work for them after years of being employed
  • Getting the job/promotion/salary they would love to have and overcoming the fear of being rejected
  • Making a complete career change to energise their life and learn new things
  • Supporting and guiding a team to an outstanding achievement either inside or outside business
  • Running a marathon, writing a book, learning to swim, get a degree, piloting a plane or or overcome the fear of flying


or is your BIG THING quite different?

And when you start to think about it, what comes in to your mind?

Let me guess – “I don’t know where to start”“I’m afraid it would go all wrong”“I haven’t got time” – “They would say no or I can’t do it”“People would think I’m silly” – “If I did what I wanted, it might not work”

Our inner voices – the Gremlins –  are there all the time, blurting out unwanted thoughts to keep us irrationally afraid of perceived risk or harm, but mainly to keep us in our comfort zone. And fear of the unknown blocks our minds from seeing the steps to take.

On a new, untried journey to get you to where you want to be, there are three things that will take you there: –

  • Enthusiasm and passion to do something special that will make a difference to your life, or that of others
  • The ability to deal with your Gremlins and achieve a high level of self-belief
  • Unconditional caring and guided support to help you move through the stages of action to achieve your BIG THING


and why do I believe I can help you?

Over the last 20 years as a qualified Coach and NLP Master Practitioner with a background in HR Management, I’ve been privileged to coach and develop hundreds of people across a wide spectrum of industries in different countries, from multinationals to small family-owned companies – it never fails to delight me witnessing how people flourish and grow when they are supported, encouraged and empowered. We give them wings, they fly. Last year I decided to widen my scope of coaching support – still holding my strong values of helping others to grow and develop, but not necessarily as part of a business target or within a business environment.

So this is my BIG THING – a heart-centred business set up to help people to achieve something they have dreamed about, yearned after but not yet done because they have allowed their self-limiting beliefs, procrastination, social anxiety, fear of failure and perceived lack of self-confidence to stand in their way. If you join one of my BIG THING groups, we will work together to overcome these pesky hindrances. You will get to know and practice  the vital six guiding principles I use in my coaching work to help you blast your way through the barriers to get what, or where you want or to become who you want to be. I’ll light the path for you and help you every step of the way- and you will be welcomed into  a supportive group of like-minded people who all want to help each other.

Sue Hanson, Your Lamplighter
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about Your Lamplighter programme
Your Lamplighter photograph

Achieving your BIG THING is for you if: –

  • You have thought long and hard about it but you are unsure about how to take the first steps
  • You want to make a big difference in your life but fear the idea of failing at it
  • You would feel more confident about it if you were coached personally and part of a friendly, like-minded support group
  • You know once you’ve done it, you will feel a whole lot different about yourself

Imagine what it would feel like if you had achieved something in your life you never thought you could, or were capable of? Just close your eyes and see yourself having achieved it, what difference it would make to you and possibly others, and how it would make you feel about your self-image. Wonderful. A life-changing experience. Waiting for you to start it.

Just decide to make that commitment to make a difference in your life, then we can start the journey of positive supported steps towards your BIG THING and using my six guiding principles which you will learn about in the programme.

Your Lamplighter

Your Lamplighter

I’ve put together the most powerful and effective activities and level of support for you over a 5-month period to give you joy in doing something, getting somewhere and feeling a sense of achievement that words can’t describe. Here’s the deal once we have established what your BIG THING is: –

  • Coaching on a 1-1 basis via Skype or phone for a total of four hours within the programme, plus monthly group coaching calls for discussions, ideas and questions/answers.
  • Practical activities with timescales to focus you on moving forward and weekly written material to help you keep clarity of action
  • Inner work to help you overcome the self-limiting beliefs, fears, doubts and mental paralysis that hinder ideas and plans
  • A private online group is set up for you and your BIG THING friends to share your achievements, hopes, gains and ideas on the 5-month journey
  • Additionally, for the March 2017 Programme, I’m offering the first three places at a special rate of £650, (normal price £985) with the option to pay monthly in advance.


what people are saying

“With great change, there is a moment when you must let go of what you know, to be free to grab on to the new. When I was in that place of transition in mid-air, Sue was my safety net as well as a light shining. Sue helped me to see from where I had come and where I was going”

Stephanie Winters: Stephanie Winters Productions LLC, New York City

Developing her creative career in music to incorporate inspirational speaking and wellness training for artists

I had reached a point in my life where I was procrastinating on how to achieve my goals.   I knew in my head and heart what I wanted to achieve, but just couldn’t see through the fog that blocked my path.  Sue has been a great inspiration to clearing that fog and guiding me on my way to achieving my goals and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Sue is a fantastic Coach and it’s a great honour to have her as part of my journey.

Samantha Robinson: Executive Search Consultant

Developing her expertise in executive research to become a frontline Consultant

It’s been a life-changing experience understanding how to approach what I needed to do in a measured, balanced way to achieve my big goal. I’m doing things differently now and getting there faster.

David James: Redundant Chief Engineer

Developing a new online business

Your supportive coaching programme has broken the mould I was set in and redefined the way I manage to do and say things I previously found so difficult – it’s been amazingly productive for me.

Justin Toms: was separated but now together again

Rebuilding a damaged relationship

An exciting programme where Sue’s coaching enabled me to manage my self-limiting beliefs to achieve an amazing result. The range of techniques we used certainly form tools for the rest of my life.

John Haines: Sales Manager

Running a marathon


are you ready to embark on an exciting journey with me?

I’m only taking 12 people on their BIG THING journey from March 2017, to ensure they get the best possible time and attention – and the list is filling up fast!

If you don’t manage to get into my March Group I will keep in touch with supportive blogs and emails to you until we start again in August 2017.

Sign up below and I will be in touch with further details about availability and payment terms.

For the March programme, I’m offering the first three places at a special rate of £650, (normal price £985) with the option to pay monthly in advance. Sign up below and I will be in touch with further details about availability and payment terms.

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